Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Tomorrow People - Series Three - Secret Weapon (1975)

I know I said this show was that bad that it would be ages before I got round to watching another episode.  Well I lied.  I watched the first episode of the third series primarily because I had a free 25 minutes and everything else waiting to be viewed was longer but what a treat.

There on the wall.  That looks a lot like a spacesuit but why would it be hanging up in a parapsychologist's lab?  Perhaps its something else.... although it does look sort of familiar.
And whats that over in the corner
Why it's a space helmet and not just any space helmet but the one that goes with the suit, the one that was last seen at the end of season 2's The Doomsday Men.
Yes it's one of Gerry Anderson's old UFO suits just hanging around making a room look interesting.

Random acts of illogical set dressing ?  Or a brand new game called: Spot the Spacesuit?
....No, its the first one isn't it.


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