Friday, 4 November 2016

Astrolab 22 (1985)

Astrolab 22 is a French/ Saudi Arabian TV series in 13 parts from 1985.  It involves a mission to Pluto, apparently but beyond that I know very little.

Thanks Tim



  1. Its a pity that theres just no info on this series,I do rather like the helmets tho especially the rather unusual stepped half pyramid section at the back,they remind me a little bit of the "energy dome" hats that the band Devo wore.
    I`ve possibly identified the helmet from Capsule [2015] it appears to be a modified chinese Tk-1,the front and side appear to match but its had an extension fitted to lengthen it and give it a neck ring

  2. Wow, this looks like an obscure one. Most of the Google hits are on the soundtrack.

  3. Some Info
    French/Saudi Arabian Education series of 13 episode of 26 minute
    Produce by French state channel TF-1 (privatize in 1990s)
    co finance by Saudi Arabian, film shooting happen in Tunisia TV studio in town of Djebba !

    The Autor try to keep the Sci-fi story realist as possibly
    and give Children a Education about Solar system and Space

    Producer script / autor was Pierre Sisser
    SFX made by Jean-Manuel Costa
    Music of series is made by Francis Lai

    only online Video is very bad transfer from Videotape, were damage part are cut out.

  4. Info at IMDb:


    Robert Earl Day

  5. I was just watching Watchmen,which is an excellent movie by the way,and in the intro/opening credit sequence there is a scene of the apollo landing with dr manhattan reflected in the astronauts visor,I saw that you did have a feature on Watchmen but it doesnt feature this so anyway here are some pics

    1. good call. I'll correct that oversight. yes an excellent film