Sunday, 30 October 2016

Look And Read (1980)

Look and Read was a schools educational daytime TV show that featured segmented dramas such as; The Boy from Space as well as helping the young viewers to read more confidentially.  To the best of my knowledge the show ran for years and I certainly remember watching some episode, if not this particular one.

The Boy from Space is something of a cult viewing experience over here in Blightly, and having watched it today, I can see why.  I will certainly be digging down into the shows many wonders although over on my Strange England blog, where it truly belongs.

For now though, I'll present this rather nifty spacesuit that appears in episode one, in the linking bits between the drama.

I'm fairly certain that helmet was in Doctor Who - The Invisible Enemy (1979) first, then The Innes book of Records (1979).  After that at least one of them got a coat of silver paint before popping up in Blake's 7 - Voices from the Past (1979), Look and Read the following year and eventually, possibly Dr Who - Terminus (1983).  What's the betting there are a couple more BBC appearances in between.



  1. OK,purely by chance I`ve found another really obscure one,its a french tv show from 1985 called Astrolab 22,I could only find a couple of pics/vids sadly,tho there is one good shot of the suit on the vid at 3:56.The show looks a bit like 80s dr who/blakes 7 but with slightly better effects. [0:21][1:09][3:39][3:56]
    And theres this site which features some of the effects on this show plus some others

  2. And I also spotted this tho the price did give me a bit of a shock