Saturday, 29 October 2016

'How it Works' The Rocket - Ladybird books (1967)

Another Ladybird Book showing us what the future was going to look like just a few years before it happened for real. Beautiful art by B. H. Robinson from this 1967 book.
Ladybird was a very important part of British culture, and I doubt there was a kid growing up through the 60's and 70's that didn't own a few or at least borrowed them from the library to do some homework for school.  I've recently treated myself to a copy of the above from the local Oxfam store and added to it with the Television one from the same 'How it Works' series.  The technology for both has moved on a bit since then but I'm not sure the quality of the illustrations can be bettered.
And we all trusted what Ladybird showed us so if they said we would by circling round the moon for fun then I for one believed them.  Of course I used to think I would be the kid up front but I realise now that I'm to be the dad at the back.
Somethings just take a little longer to come true


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