Friday, 25 November 2016

Mars (2016)

Nice suits.  I got 15 minutes in before I lost interest, which is not very tolerant of me I will admit but I was really irritated by the cheap look of the video filming.  Who is watching this and is it any good?  Should I get back in front of it?  Send us your comments and views.



  1. Isn't the first picture there from The Martian ?

  2. yes, it's a picture of The Martian
    i thought this post was about the movie Suits,
    until i read the text, it's about National Geographic show "Mars"...
    what has Design almost indistinguishable from Ridley Scott movie

  3. I've corrected now, cheers chaps. I probably shouldn't do the posts in the wee small hours of the morning!
    So what are your thoughts on the Show? Is it basically "the Martian" again but stretched out to a series of trials and disasters?

  4. On an unrelated topic I`ve just watched the trailer for luc bessons up and coming Valerian movie and yes it does have a spacesuit in it,visually it also looks pretty impressive

    1. Yes I saw that a couple of weeks back and it does look very good. I then came on line to grab some images but got lost / forgot / distracted what ever it was that made me forget all about it. Thanks for reminding me

    2. lol,yes its rather easy to do isnt it.
      And I also found this audi advert complete with spacesuits and bowies starman song,inspired by its inclusion in the martian perhaps?