Tuesday, 9 August 2016

El Cosmonauta (2013)

El Cosmonauta (The Cosmonaut) is a Spanish film directed by Nicolas Alcala. It premiered in May 2013, the first feature-length project of Riot Cinema Collective. However it started life as a short film, released in January 2009, before being developed into a feature-length production funded through Crowdfunding and released for free under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.
"It is October 1975, as Stas prepares to become the first Russian cosmonaut on the Moon. Andrei, his best friend, leads the mission from the ground. In the tense last days before departure, Stas thinks about Yulia, the woman they both have been in love with for more than ten years. At first, all seems well with the mission. That is, until two days after takeoff, when the spacecraft loses communication with Earth. For seven months, Andrei and Yulia look for Stan night and day without rest, until..."
I've read a number or reviews for this and although mixed, I think it sounds rather wonderful so I shall be seeking it out in due course.  If you have already had the pleasure (?) then share your thoughts in the comments section below.



  1. Wow,first we have 2 posts in a row on two films titled the Astronaut now we have three posts in a row on films called Cosmonaut one of which features the ever popular gsh-6a.Its a pity this film didnt use the historically correct design for the soviet LK lunar lander and and Krechet-94 moon suit,interestingly one of its successors the orlan-m suit appears to be for sale at the moment,I wonder how much it costs.The site below is interesting it offers cosmonaut training and eva training in the orlan
    I also found this preview on russian spacesuits
    Also did you see my previous post about the upcoming alexy leonov spacewalk movie it looks pretty good,it might be worth doing a double post with that and this 2014 film about Gagarin

    1. Cheers Tim. Been away on holiday for a couple of week so need to work back though the comments to see what treats you've found me. All efforts appreciated