Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Behind the Scenes - A 9th Gallery




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  2. I just finished watching the martian,and I have to say its really pretty good,old ridley scott can certainly make a good film,pity about promethius but then everyone has an off day occasionally.How does the movie compare with the novel?

    Also I`ve just found an incredibly obscure polish sf film from 1987 with spacesuits in it titled:On a silver globe,from the bits I`ve seen it looks very weird as in zardoz weird,the helmet appears to be our old friend the gsh6,anyway I was able to track down some pics+the movie

    1. Its a pretty good take on the book, no crimes are committed against the author. I enjoyed the book more but at that point the story was all new. When watching the film I knew what was going to happen next. Off to check on that polish film now

    2. What they appear to have done in the polish film is to have the visor raised and covered with fabric while they`ve fitted a new fixed face plate,kind of weird but then the whole film looks weird,I found out about it while reading up on the zardoz board over at the imdb and somebody mentioned this film which I had never heard of before,its funny if solaris is the soviet 2001 then I guess this is the communist blocks version of zardoz.
      I remembered that you did a previous post on z for zachariah did you know theres been a film version released?,it stars the martians Chiwetel EjioforI and star treks Chris Pine,I didnt think much of the suit in it,also there was a 1984 british tv version of this did you ever catch that?

    3. I'm very excited at the idea of communist block Zardoz. I don't talk about it here because there's no space suits but Zardoz is one of my favourite films ever. I need to check this out.
      I knew they were remaking Z for Zachariah but then forgot about it. I have a very vague memory of watching the TV play back in the day however I did read the book a few years back and just loved it. Subtle and powerful stuff especially for a kids book.