Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Z for Zacharia by Robert C O'Brien (1976) Cover by Boris Vallejo

Z for Zachariah 1976 edition with a cover by  Boris Vallejo.  Not really a spacesuit but a lovely painting all the same.  Its a great book by the way


  1. This cover reminds me of the cover from the 1st issue of the incredible 1984 six issue limited series Six from Sirius that I remember reading back at the time,the stunning painted artwork by Paul Gulacy was simply beautiful,if anything deserved the term graphic novel it was this series

  2. I`ve just realised something while I was looking at the windak suit,I think the white west from the windak was the inspiration for the white vest thats part of Luke Skywalkers x-wing pilots flight suit,see what you think

    1. I've always thought so. A source of design authenticity at the very least

    2. I found a very interesting old link that features one of the emergency helmets that are glimpsed right at the very beginning of alien
      They are heavily modified Taylor type british high altitude pressure suit helmets and I think that these give us a clue as to the identity of the second spacesuit helmets that we see on a few occasions throughout the movie,check out this photo and take a look at the helmets on the far left and right and in the middle
      If they arent the same ones then they`re damn close to it,and it does make sense as the props team bought some scrapped vulcan bombers which were used in the construction of the nostromo set so its not beyond the realm of possibility that they acquired some old helmets as well

    3. Nice one Tim. I would say, you're right. I'll do a little research and get a post together about this just a soon as. Something very similar is also seen in The First Men in the Moon, worn by the "modern day" moon pilots.