Friday, 12 February 2016

UFO - Alien Helmet (1970)

A couple of scans sent to me quite a while ago by friend to this blog: Tim Armstrong.  If I recall we were discussing where the Doppelganger/UFO spacesuits had ended up and as Tim revealed, with evidence to back it up, that at least one of the alien helmets from the show had been saved for posterity by a collector.
Click on image to make larger and read away.

Sorry its taken a while, Tim, I had trouble getting them to appear larger than a thumb-nail on my computer but I seem to have cracked it now. 


  1. Nice touch, typesetting the article in Eurostile.

  2. Fascinating stuff. It's interesting whenever they get into compromises that had to be made for safety and comfort.

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  4. This is from issue 53 of the Sci fi and fantasy international magazine from around the year 1999 or perhaps 2001.What really shocked me was how almost totally unrecognizable Michael Billington [Paul Foster] was,thats him holding the helmet in the top picture,sadly hes no longer with us,supposedly he was screen-tested for the role of James Bond more than any other actor
    Heres a pic of him back in his ufo heyday

    1. He was a handsome chap when he was younger... but then weren't we all.
      Thanks for the magazine details