Sunday, 16 August 2015

Vozvrashchenie s orbity (1985)

Best image I can find for the time being.  Vozvrashchenie s orbity is a fairly obscure East German film from back in the 80's.  I'll add and update as and when but until then here's a very nice Czechoslovakia poster for the film by designer; Zdeněk Vlach, to keep you going.
I amaze my self sometimes.  It must have been a whole two minute later that I found these.

I'm good to you lot!



  1. This is a soviet movie
    Director: Aleksandr Surin
    Writer: Yevgeni Mesyatsev
    As soon as two friends-cosmonauts came back from space, a lot of things changed on the Earth.
    The wife of one of them died. And Kuznetsov can not go on flying to space. So he returns to navy aviation.
    Very soon a serious trouble happens to spacecraft and Kuznetsov flies to space to help his best friend,
    who was trapped in the closed sector of the craft.

    according my sources it was only synchronized for East German Cinemas

    1. The top image is from East German promotional material, however the poster beneath it is Czechoslovakian so maybe it travelled a little further.

  2. i look into DEFA foundation online database
    DEFA was the state-owned film studio in the German Democratic Republic
    who synchronized and exclusive distributor of ALL movies show in GDR cinema.

    The data revealed that Vozvrashchenie s orbit
    is made by the "Alexander Dowshenko Film studio" at Kiew, in year 1984, so Soviet Movie
    came in 1985 in GDR Cinema as "Rückkehr aus dem Orbit"
    later show on GDR Tv as "Rückkehr aus dem Weltraum"

    now the German copyright is today own by PROGRESS Film-Verleih GmbH.
    This would explain why the movie is wrongly consider a East German Movie.
    that Movie was for while on You tube, but is gone since begin 2015

    1. Very impressive research, giving us a better understanding. Thanks

  3. another Marvel of Soviet Movie
    RETURN from 1980s a short animation Film by Vladimir Tarassov and N. Koshin
    about sleeping Cosmonaut in Damage spaceship
    while ground control try everything to wake him up from artificial Sleep, his orbit start collapse

  4. Its not a bad film actually tho little known outside the soviet union,basically its the soviet equivalent of Marooned or Gravity,the zero-g wire work is excellent,another interesting thing is that the helmet used is exactly the same one as the ones that we saw so many of in the soviet sf movie Moon Rainbow that is also from around the same 1983/84 timeline.There are still a couple more soviet/russian spacesuit films to do tho` like Test Pilot Pirxa which also has a lot of suits in it