Thursday, 20 August 2015

Test Pilota Perxa (1978)

Test pilota Pirxa is a joint Polish-Soviet film from 1978.  It is based on the story The Inquest by Stanisław Lem from his short story collection More Tales of Pirx the Pilot.
The movie is about "finite nonlinears," robots that closely resemble human beings but are even more perfect than humans. They are intended to eventually replace human beings in space flights. Somewhat apprehensive about their usefulness, the United Nations sets up a space flight to determine their reactions to the human beings who also make up the crew. Pirx is selected as a commander of the flight, although the identity of the robots is not revealed to him...




  1. Just found this,its a video of the very expensive taschen Ltd Ed Making of 2001 book and it looks totally awesome
    There is also a podcast by the author Piers Bizony discussing the book
    The very good news is that there is now a much,much cheaper version available that will be out soon

    1. cheers. I knew of the book but great news about the cheaper version. That's Christmas sorted!

  2. I also just remembered this one by The Comic Strip,its Space Virgins From Planet Sex,and no its not a porno tho for some strange reason it does remind me of the soft porn emanuelle films from the mid 90s starring the awesomely sexy Krista Allen {00:57}