Sunday, 2 November 2014

View-Master Tom Corbett Space Cadet (1954)

This 1954 View-Master reel (x3) present a science fiction character that was popular in the early 1950s on radio and TV. The figurines and diorama used in these images were created by Florence Thomas as credited in the accompanying booklet.

We had a view-master in our house when I was a kid although we never had this set of discs.  View-Master was a way of seeing pictures in 3D that I'm sure would singularly fail to impress today's youth.  I on the other hand remain haunted by certain images, diversely Tarzen and The Adventures of Rupert the Bear.  That's two separate discs by the way, not the unlikeliest team up ever.



  1. Ahh..viewmaster,I had one of those,I can remember a tom and jerry one with puppets/figurines just like these,I can also remember seeing a set from one of the mercury missions.I cant remember if I`ve posted this one before its a lotto one from my neck of the woods ie new zealand

    1. I know the tom and jerry one. I think it was the puppet/ figurines ones that stuck the most in my young mind; bouncing between it's not a live action and it's not a painting either. intriguing stuff at the right age.

      cheers for the new find