Saturday, 29 November 2014

Say; Hello Spaceman - 4 Year Anniversary

The 1st of December will mark Say; Hello Spaceman's 4th Anniversary and its interesting to remind my self of what that particular year was like.

For a number of different reasons 2010 was a fairly wearing time and starting this blog was my way of keeping sane whilst battling through something of a shit-storm of troubles.  None of it was anybody fault, none of it could have been avoided and none of it was down to bad luck so much as just bad timing. Stuff just happened.  Then more stuff happened and then some more stuff happened on top of that.

But you keep on going because what else can you do.  And of course things got better and then things got a lot better and now days life is far more smooth than its crunchy.  And far more fun.

I do this little blog for different reasons now.  After 4 years I think I've built something quite interesting.  I think this blog not only shows us who we used to be but fairly consistently, decade after decade, shows us who we would like to become.  The future beckons and there's something very positive about our unwavering desire to be a part of it.


For RP my enduring companion.  Still laughing and loving


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  2. Thanks Mr Primate, Your blog must have been going for a while now