Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Kadoyng (1972) Part 4

UFO (1970)

Kadoyng (1972)

...and then obscurity.  Doesn't seem right does it.


  1. In addition to the suit it looks like they borrowed some of the equipment from the shadow moonbase control room from the looks of the fifth pic.It is surprising that they didnt get more use especially when one remembers the amount of use the shado and moon zero two suits got

  2. It has been suggested that only a couple were made, I'm thinking they just maybe didn't last as well. One helmet is in a collection somewhere in Italy, I think. I was sent a scan of a magazine feature but couldn't get it large enough to blog on.
    One day I'm going to blog all the places that I've seen those moonbase controls pop up. Well I'll start it and then everyone else can forward links and I'll update. Might be a bit of fun between now and Chrstmas

    1. Yes,that was my scan,i`ve uploaded it to a download site hopefully you`ll have better luck with that
      plus an image hoster

    2. Cheers Tim I'll have another go. I know you posted it a couple of ways last time but didn't want to put you to further trouble when its probably my own computer ignorance that's was stopping me accessing it as anything more than a thumb-nail. I'll try and raise my game. :-)