Thursday, 24 October 2013

The 400th Post

Well here we are then with the 400th post on this blog and we're still looking at the cultural history of the Spaceman, the Spacewoman and occasionally the Space-Ape through film, TV, books, comics, toys, adverts and assorted ephemera and all I can really conclude, after all this time, is that there was then and there remains now; a lot of it about.
I started this blog back in December 2010 for a number of very good reasons with not one of them being the need to share an obsession.  I'm not obsessed by this stuff, I just find it quite interesting and that still seems to be enough to keep me going as we approach our 4th year.  This blog continues to be viewed by people all over the world with several thousand visitors a month in steadily increasing numbers and for that constant support I thank you all.
There's still a handsome stash of images in the files that remain to be blogged and a wealth of new and new-old material yet to be harvested from the imaginarium so it's onwards and upwards we shall go.
I know I'd still be blogging even if no one turned up to look but it means the world to me that you all do.
Enjoy the pretty pictures. 



  1. Congratulations Steve on 400 posts! I've really enjoyed Say; Hello Spaceman over the last year that I've been a reader and fan. I hope to enjoy your blog for more years to come, and I done my bit for king and country to promote the blog because it is one of the more interesting blogs around today. Keep the solid work! I love seeing the kids from Oklahoma with the space gear on...being that I'm from Oklahoma originally.

  2. Congratulations and thanks for everything Steve! That woman reading above, by the way is trying out a device designed to increase concentration and reduce eyestrain while reading or studying. Really not sure how you can concentrate with several pounds of plexiglass on, but I suppose if it had worked we'd all have 'em! Cheers again and drink a celebratory pint for me!

  3. Now there's a beach I wouldn't mind taking a stroll on, keep 'em coming Steve.

  4. Cheers Chaps. Your comments are an important part of the blog, not least because you usually add snippets of information that educates me. And there was I just posting 4 random pictures from the files because they never quite fitted into any other post. The second picture is the only one I know anything about and that's meant to be Frederick Morrison inventor of the Frisbee....or so they tell me.
    Cheers Fred, I bloody loved my first Frisbee, actually brought back from America by a family friend in the early 70's and lost to the sea by decades end.

  5. Yes,keep up the good work,I look forward to your future posts