Monday, 14 October 2013

Space Dust advert (1978)

If I remember rightly this image is from a TV advert for the snapping candy bits that sort of exploded on the tongue!   Helmets made by the man that went on to make the Outland helmets, I think.  Can't remember his name but I believe he also used to make some claim to having built and designed the Star Wars Stormtrooper helmets.  I now expect the comments section to spring into life to fill in the gaps


  1. I can't elucidate the helmet situation, but I will say that in the U.S. this tyoe of candy is called "PopRocks" and there is a ridiculous urban legend that if you swallow a packet of them and drink a coke your stomach will explode!

    1. I think we had the same one but with sweets called refreshers and coke. We also used to have a lot of public information films designed to keep kids safe by telling them the dangers of kites and power lines, climbing into fridges and swimming in rivers. - all very 70's but would love to see a spoof one for poprock + coke that ends up like Python's "Peckinpa's salad days"