Monday, 21 October 2013

Scott Saunders Patrick Moore (1977 onwards)

Three more covers from the Scott Saunders Space Adventures series by Patrick Moore.  The first was published in 1977  and, for my money, features a fresh faced young chap not totally dissimilar to a certain Luke Skywalker that was making it big around that year.
I don't think either of these first two are artworks by Peter Elson who did the cover for the previously blogged 3rd book in the set. However this one below, book 6, most definitely is.
Now that just has to be pure Elson and rather lovely for it.  What I find interesting about these books is that I was the right age at the right time, and hanging about the right bit of the bookshop back then, and yet I have no memory of these books or their covers despite slapping down a lot of pocket money for similar subject matter......Oh well, Patrick Moore's loss was Terrance Dicks gain.

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