Sunday, 9 September 2012

Something for the Weekend 8

It's been a while but it's time for a little Something for the Weekend.

This is Joan Shawlee's publicity/glamour shot for Conquest of Space from 1955 but amusingly it just reminds me of this scene from Alien....
And now I'm imagining Conquest is a much better film than I know it to be.



  1. She's barely in it, and not in a skimpy costume. She plays the girlfriend of the comic relief (how he ever made it to this position is anyone's guess) and she appears on a TV link telling him she'll wait for him (as her new boyfriend is off screen urging her to make it snappy)

    1. Cheers for the input. That's the immorality of publicity photos for you and the simple fact that sex sells then as it does now. You have to admire the cheek...and any other bit of naked flesh on show