Monday, 3 September 2012

Conquest of Space (1955)

The 1955 film Conquest of Space was based on a non-fiction book illustrated by Chesley Bonestell and written by Willy Ley.  The Conquest of Space was published in 1949 and presented a collection of photo-realistic paintings which dared to speculate on the wonders that awaited the winners of the space race.

Rather than make a pseudo-documentary of the source material, which might have made it more interesting, they found a bit of a plot and hung the visuals on the back of that.  It's of its time of course which make some aspects of the story a little clunky and dull but more unfortunately it lacks anything like the charm of other 50's sci-fi films which means it's failings tend not to be forgiven.  Though not loved it remains visually interesting so that you can still enjoy this gallery of fine looking space suits


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