Friday, 20 July 2012

The Outward Urge - John Wyndham (1980)

Originally published as a 4 story collection in 1959 and then with an extra fifth story at some point after1962.  The Outward Urge is a history of the Troon family as humanity venture out into space.
This is the cover from the 1980's rejacketed collection of Wyndham novels published by Penguin.  All covers were by Peter Lord and you either love them or hate them, I think.  I remember picking this up in a bookshop in 1980/81 and disliking it.  Odd because I really like it now and odder still because I actually own every other book in the set and bought all of them over the period of a couple of months yet somehow managed to forget all about this one with the passage of time.  Just as well I like 2nd hand book shops and a good hunt, because it will be mine.


  1. Hey Steve, check out the 2008 movie The Hive. I think their costume designer has a copy of that book.

  2. Just watched the trailer online, You could be right, MadMyk... or they are trying to hide the fact they can only afford motorbike helmets by pulling their collars up as high as possible! The whole thing looks a lot like a new version of the 70's ant film Phase IV. I look forward to watching this little B-movie on syfi or the Horror channel.

  3. Copy just procured from the Ebay..the hunt was long but successful. Fingers crossed that the condition is acceptably; Good, and not big fat lie; good. Just love that cover