Friday, 27 July 2012

Doctor Who - The Android Invasion (1975) part 2

It was back in January 2011 that I first posted about The Android Invasion and then it was about these chaps.
I think I said that the DVD release was long overdue and I was looking forward to watching it again at some point.  Well, this week I did just that and what a treat it was.  It's not perfect but its a perfect representation of what good 1970's  Doctor Who was all about.  Killer robots with gun fingers, gravel voiced monstrous aliens, spooky English villages with spooky English villagers, soldiers with guns, cold emotionless duplicates of the heroes and a top-secret Space Defence base within easy walking distance.
And what would you expect to find in such a place?  That's right, a spaceman.
This is Guy Crayford as played by Milton Johns and beneath that eye-patch lurks a plot hole the size of black hole but if  you were 7 years old - or Terry Nation - you probably wouldn't think about it too much. 

Anyway lets talk space suits.
The keen eyed may recognise that as a Thal space suit last seen in The Planet of the Daleks (1973)
And yes, if you look closely that is the same style of safety helmet that is customised still further to become the androids helmet in this story.
And because I've been doing this for a while now, and because I know there is a Barry Letts connection, I can tell you that the space helmet beneath Crayford's arm is one of the helmets from  the BBC tv series;  Moonbase 3 (1973)
And that's a show I'll be blogging on quite soon.


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