Sunday, 29 July 2012

Doctor Who - Invasion of the Dinosaurs (1974)

It was quite a surprise to find a spaceman lurking in a story about dinosaurs that are being time scooped into modern London and you have to watch the whole six episodes to find out why but there it is.
Looks good.  Looks almost exactly like one of the space suits from Doctor Who producer Barry Letts' between seasons distraction Moonbase 3.  Which is understandable given that it is.  That show didn't go down very well and was unlikely to ever have been offered a second series.  They have added some detail to the helmet but otherwise its the very same thing.  Makes you wonder why more of the props, models and costumes didn't end up adding value to the next season or two of Who.
As a side note I'm going to have to confirm that the dinosaurs in this Who story, particularly the T-Rex, are pretty bad and pretty distracting and ruin what actually turned out to be a fantastic story.  Lets have a special edition with some nice CGI monsters.

Meanwhile here are some more pictures of the spacesuit.


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