Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Doctor Who Terminus (1983) part 1

It's a mad old tale is Terminus and one that probably only a hardened Doctor Who fan is going sit through.
The story set on the titular Terminus, a space station where they send all the victims of the incurable Lazars disease and ends with the big bang that created the universe.
Somewhere in amongst all of that there's a giant humanoid space dog called The Garm (which I like for all the wrong reasons), Nyssa, The Doctor's assistant strips down to her underwear (which I like for all the right reasons) and then there are these pair of space pirates.
That's right, the thigh slapping, "it's behind you" kind of pirates.  Dangerous like a disco is dangerous.


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  1. Heh, can't beat a retro bubble helmet, talking of which I did a shoot recently that can be found here :)