Monday, 15 August 2011

Doctor Who 42 (2007)

I’m always a little disappointed by Chris Chibnall’s scripts which has nothing whatsoever to do with space suits but I felt  the need to say that by way of saying something, anything about this episode of Doctor Who.
At its heart it probably has the nub of a good idea but in its execution it’s functional at its best.  Maybe it’s because he lurks in the shadow of much cleverer writers and stories but Chibnall’s efforts always seem to be missing that little spark of originality and very rarely surprise or confound... which is a prerequisite of any good Doctor Who episode I always thought.
Anyway... space suits.  This one looks similar to those seen in The Satan Pit, which I like to think links the two stories to a shared universe but in truth is just a custom rebuild upon the original in order to save costs.
Nothing wrong with it really....  It does the job.
Oops! There I go talking about Mr Chibnall's scripts again.


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