Thursday, 7 April 2011

Project Moonbase (1953)

Based on a story by Robert Heinlein and set in the distant future of 1970; Project Moonbase concerns it’s self with the US’s plans to build a base on the Moon and the rocket crew they send to survey for potential landing sites from orbit.
Unfortunately this simple mission goes horribly wrong when they discover that one of them is an impostor with designs on crashing the rocket ship into an earth orbiting space station upon the return journey.  There’s a bit of a struggle and they end up having to land on the moon.  Some more stuff happens, some quite groundbreaking (for its day) sexual equality is displayed and then turned on its head and eventually two of them promise to marry while they await rescue from earth.
The space suits are of the ribbed joint variety we have come to expect from US TV and film of the 1950’s although the helmets, at least, appear somewhat alternative to the conventions of the decade.


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