Sunday, 24 April 2011

Lord Tedric: The Space Pirates (1979) Peter Jones

And here's another in the  Lord Tedric series of  books by E E Doc Smith, also published by Star paperbacks in the late 70's
And its another example of the fine brush work of Peter Jones although there's a hint of Chris Foss about this piece with some sharp angles and deliberate colour clashing that seems at odds with the artists usual sleek design.  I guess it would have been hard not to be influenced by Foss, who seemed to be painting nearly every other sci-fi cover going back then although his speciality tended to be massive space ships rather than our much loved spacemen.  For examples of his work you only have to look as far as most the other E E Doc Smith covers from the time.
Still, there's enough of Jones' own stylings here to be able to recognise and appreciate it.



  1. Doesn't it seem odd that the "accordion" convolute sections of the arms don't cover the spaceman's elbows? Why do they exist, if not to move where the elbows move?

    We can't see the fronts of the suit's knees, but the backs look all right.

  2. You've a keener eye than me Sir, well spotted.
    We're going to have to deduct some; "Peter Jones is cool" points for that.