Friday, 8 April 2011

Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier (2010)

The artwork, with and without titles, from Iron Maiden’s 2010 album; The Final Frontier.
An Alien redesign for Eddie, the band's monstrous mascot but they seem to have gone a little further back than that for the space suit designs which have a very retro 50’s/60’s style.  Slightly disappointingly this is not the same look of the space suit which is seen in the bands video although that's nice enough but very modern.

Art work by Melvyn Grant



  1. Have you covered the following as yet:

    Titan Find
    The Tomorrow People
    Perry Rhodan
    War of the Robots
    War of the planets
    Spacejacked (Amanda Pays!)

    Might be worth a look

  2. Hi Trav28. I've still got a big file of stuff to work through including some really obvious stuff like Alien, 2001 etc which you would have thought I would have done first! Your top three on the list are pending but the next three I'll go and research so thanks for the pointers

    Glad you're still dropping by and enjoying the blog

  3. Cheers, it's a great read and a splendid conduit into some great science fiction imagery :)