Thursday, 27 January 2011

Here Come The Double-Deckers (1970) - Invaders from Space

A joint American and British venture which managed 17 fun filled half hour episodes before getting its plug pulled.  It’s about a group of London kids whose club house just happens to be a Double-Decker bus in a scrap yard.
Its episode 12 we need to look at here which is called; Invaders from Space, and has the following set up;
Brains, the aptly named mad professor one of the gang, is working on an old TV, attempting to turn it from a Black and White to a Colour set.  It’s while doing this that the gang get to see images showing an alien invasion in progress.  It’s actually a commercial for a new bubble gum but the kids don’t know this.  The matter is compounded when the sweet company sends invaders out onto the streets to dispense free gum from gum shooting guns (Which is easier to type than say)
It obviously all gets cleared up in the end but just look at the costumes that the makers used for the alien invaders.  It’s my personal favourite; The Moon Zero Two suits, back out in public almost less than a year after their original airing.
Most of the colours seem to be here except maybe the red and the blue ones which if memory serves were originally made to fit smaller actors and so were perhaps not any good on these strapping chaps.
One point of trivia here is that Len the barman in Moon Zero Two was played by actor Sam Kydd who never got to pop on a suit in that film but is seen here sporting the yellow one.
Well fancy that!


  1. Where do you keep finding this stuff? Has this blog been brewing in the back of your brain for decades?

    I'm really impressed that you're managing to find a new and obscure spacesuit practically every day!

  2. This I remember watching and has been in the old noggin for years. Other stuff I find out as I go along.... I would call it research but if you're looking in the right place you just sort of fall over it!