Sunday, 2 January 2011

Doctor Who The Android Invasion (1975)

The Doctor and Sarah Jane arrive in the English village of Devesham, near the Space Defence Station and then they bump into these chaps;
Whilst not technically spacemen as such – but then nothing in this story is quite what it seems to be - they are sporting those ever-faithful Pathfinder style of helmet quite popular with previous Doctor Who costume designers.  This time to mix it up a bit they’ve removed the flat Perspex face plate and added a motorbike bubble visor which makes for quite an effective re-design.  I almost didn’t recognise it.
This story was made about the same time that Space 1999 aired and their space helmets also featured a similar bubble visor look, which may have been the source of inspiration.
Anyway what first appears like creepy spacemen roaming the countryside turns out to really be equally creepy faceless androids.
It’s been a lot of years since I last saw this and a DVD release is long overdue.

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