Sunday, 2 January 2011

Doctor Who Underworld (1978)

The 4th Doctor, Tom Baker, and companion Leela join the last of the Minyans as they endeavour to discover the whereabouts of the lost race-banks that will restore their peoples from extinction.
This particular story gets a lot of stick for its less than successful CSO effects work.  It’s actually ok if not just a little bit of an average tale but it’s from an era when the shows budgets were severely slashed as to make alternatives impossible.  And this at exactly the same time that the world was getting very excited by Star Wars and its multimillion pound special effects.
For all that, the space suits worn by the Minyan crew look like original constructions and the helmets are for once not the old faithful Pathfinder standbys but something new, if not a little basic.  Shiny metallic material with lots of external tubing. Like I’ve already said; Ok if not just a little average.


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