Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Robot Monster (1953)

So....Robot Monsters.  Not a spaceman then or even a spacesuit but interesting none the less as it features the space helmet from Flight to Mars which then went on to feature in Radar Men from the Moon before being partnered with a gorilla suit.....its probably best not to ask why!  As rubbish as it is, its become very icon an image worthy of a little look-see.  Plus, if you go all the way down the post you'll see the second space helmet to feature in the movie.


Thanks Tim, for suggesting this blog post



  1. The story so far know
    The movie was made with 16000$ what mostly used for filming in 3D
    Phil Tucker wanted original a robot costume but got no money left.
    So they improvise
    Actor George Barrows brought his own Gorilla costume for free
    and Phil Tucker somehow "borrow" that space helmet...

  2. The boy is wearing a Space Patrol helmet and inflatable pack. The pack is being worn backwards.

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