Monday, 25 March 2019

Dog in a Spacesuit (2019)

Available from a different branch of the same chain of discounted ex-catalogue stores that had the Cat in a spacesuit.... I'm still not sure why or if there are yet more to be discovered.



  1. I just found a couple of rather cool retro style movie posters
    heres Alien
    and Gravity
    The artist who did the gravity poster has his own page with various reimagined posters,one of my favs was a 1970s terminator with richard jaws kiel as the t800!,not to mention a t2 with danny bonaduchi as jon connor and chris walkin as the t1000[lol]
    The posters look so good I wish some of them had made it to film.

  2. I`ve found 2 interesting italian solaris posters that both feature spacesuits,they might be good for a gallery post

  3. I`ve found another interesting site on the spacesuit in fact and fiction,its got tons of good pics and both fictional and historic examples.
    Checkout this part,its a real life potential "In space no one can hear you scream" moment,that involved a nasa eva suit backpack fire during testing that burned two technicians one very seriously.

    Steve,you are still alive I hope?

  4. Just watched The Wandering Earth. Some good suits for your blog

  5. cheers I'll check that out

  6. one of spacesuits from Planet of apes III
    on cover of the face magazine

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