Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Man on the Moon - Daily Mirror special suppliment (1969)

Stumbled across this by default of researching one of its authors.  I don't have a specific named artist for the cover but Graphics and Design are attributed to John C Smith.  That's quite a nice wrap around cover


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  1. I`ve found another one,its the 13 part series Deepwater Black from 1997 and I actually remember watching it at around the time,its based on a series of novels by an author from my neck of the woods,altho it was heavily modified for television.Despite being set in space I think it only has one episode with suits in it ep12 Infestation,it looks to be a rather predictable episode with a nasty little group of alien critters causing havoc,the things themselves are quite small but exude acid a bit like star treks horta and the scene with the suits reminds me a little of alien with the little buggers trying to burn their way into our heroes suits.The whole show was pretty low budget,anyway here are some screen caps and the episode in question.
    https://youtu.be/-HNZrGBym2Q?list=PLB49C6778DE2D4BCB&t=814 [13:35]