Saturday, 22 July 2017

Deepwater Black - Infestation (1997)

From episode 12 of the New Zealand TV series Deepwater Black, come these suits.

The show did play over here in the UK although I personally have no memory of it, so its a big thanks to Tim again for pointing me at it



  1. it was broadcast as "Mission Genesis" in rest of world
    the series is notable because it actors play afterwards in Big TV productions
    Nicole de Boer play in it and went after this to ST:DN9 as Ezri Dax
    Gordon Michael Woolvett played Seamus Harper in TV series Andromeda

  2. I purely by chance got to watch a movie that I`d heard about only a few weeks previously online,its called Magellan and I was actually surprised at how good it was especially for such a low budget film,some of the funding was via kickstarter.It reminds me of a very low budget Interstellar,tho I think the Magellan spacesuit might actually look better,0,630,1200_AL_.jpg
    Sadly I wasnt able to find a copy to watch online.
    And heres something I`ve just discovered,its adam savage wearing the alien covenant soft suit at comic-con
    And on an unrelated note I just watched an interesting film from 1972 titled ZPG zero population growth,it stars oliver reed and could almost be considered a 70s blade runner,its also got special effects by derick meddings,its actually not that bad and probably features one of the earliest depictions of home internet.
    And since I know you to be a zardoz fan you really should check out this episode of rick&morty [7:21]

    1. Been away for a few weeks and just got back this weekend. thanks for all the links, I'll be checking them out soon.

      ZPG was regular viewing as a kid but did pick up a copy on dvd about a year ago and was pleased to see it still stood up. For a really cool 70's film,I recommend Phase IV. if you haven't yet seen it.

  3. Yes,Phase 4 was an interesting film with an intriguing premise,unfortunately the publicity for it presented it as a horror film reminiscent of the 50s sf horror film Them full of giant ants,even the tag line suggested this ie "Phase 4 when you cant scream anymore!" [lol],interestingly the ending sequence which had been cut and was long thought to be lost was found a few years back and has been restored
    personally I`m still holding out hope that the cut scenes from Logans Run will be found and restored someday[fingers crossed]

  4. Heres one thats really,really obscure,its an intro to one of the Battlestar Galactica movies made from reedited episodes in 1980-odd,this shows the suit from Way Out in its silver color probably from around the same time as we saw it in probably its last showing in the movie Warp Speed from 1981

  5. total off topic
    Space X show on instagram there Spacesuit for dragon spacecraft

    early version from last year

    1. It looks very basic to say the least,is it actually a pressure suit?,the helmet doesnt look to have an opening visor and a two piece suit body?.Frankly it looks more like the prop for a low budget movie or tv series