Saturday, 11 February 2017

NY Comic Art Convention Advert - Jack Kirby (1976)

Art from Marvel's 2001 A Space Odyssey comic adaption which has been appropriated for a New York Comic Con advert but I'm not sure of the year  I've seen it dated as 1971 which is rubbish because we didn't know about Star Wars back then.  Logic says 1977.  Does any one know better?

based on info in the comments' section then I'll edit to 1976. Thank you



  1. Kirby's 2001 adaptation came out in 1976.
    Art was done in 1975-76, so no way is it from 1971!
    In 1976:
    The Logan's Run adaptation had already come out.
    The Star Wars adaptation was being worked on and a poster based on the cover to #1 was being sold at cons to promote the book.
    The Forbidden Planet adaptation never got past the discussion stage.

    1. Cheers for all that lovely info, Britt. Would you go for 76 over 77 then?

    2. This was probably drawn specifically for the Comic Con poster. In the Kirby adaptation of 2001:a space odyssey the Monolith floats, and is not on a small pile of soil...


    3. It's page 29 of the Marvel Treasury Edition...