Saturday, 11 February 2017

Advertising Space - Gallery 1

Do you see what I did there?
OK, time to clear the files a bit.  I've been holding onto these images for years waiting to date them but lets throw it out to you people out there.  If you know, or know how I can find out what year these images are from then feel free to pop a comment in below and I'll update accordingly.
 Smirnoff  Vodka (1967)
Twinkies TV advert (1970)


  1. Smirnoff Skyball: Ad appeared in Life for May 26, 1967

    I'm seeing some of the Shapely Dacron text in Esquire for 1970. The Gemini 4 thruster gun dates this ad to post-1965. (The fashions might date it more closely, if I were a fashion expert, a thing no one has ever accused me of being.) (Even though this is, technically, a fashion blog.)

    1. Cheers Bill. I never thought of this as a fashion blog before. Made me laugh but only because its true!

  2. The Twinkies ad is on Youtube, where it is claimed to date from 1970.

    Speaking of Twinkies and space, a technical paper I wrote in 1970 may amuse you.

    Also, speaking-- as I was in the comment above-- of Gemini 4 and the Hand-Held Maneuvering Unit brandished by Ed White during America's first spacewalk, I wrote a piece for the Vatican Observatory Foundation a while back: Looking back at Gemini 4, Literally, after Fifty Years. Hope you like it.

    1. Brilliant words Bill. The Twinkies one I read aloud to my daughter so got a secondary round of laughter. The Gemini 4 equally interesting. thanks for sharing.

  3. "The Fashionable Astrotwins" are from the November 1965 issue of Mademoiselle, according to this Pinterest page.