Monday, 30 January 2017

Kate Bush - The Dreaming (1982)

Ok I know we've been here before but these are a couple of my favourite things in one very nice and reasonably rare image.  Follow the Ventilation Suit link below to find out all about what Kate and her dancers are wearing but alternatively just admire the singer in all her perfection then go listen to some of her music. Then come back and consider where best one might sell one of these suits and add your thoughts to the comments below.  Its not me that has one, by the way, but I'm nothing if not helpful and you lot seem to be as well.  Lets have discussion and see if we can't help a fellow out.


  1. My thoughts but with a well researched reserve price

  2. A place called Silvermans has one for sale,but a word of warning it is NOT cheap.
    Still if I won lotto I`d probably get one and a Taylor partial pressure helmet to go with it

    1. And I also found this slightly different design from my neck of the woods,tho sadly not for sale.

    2. And on a totally unrelated matter I`ve just found another suit/helmet,its from terry gilliams classic 1981 movie time bandits,it only pops up briefly towards the end but its there.This was the only pic I could find,but having seen better close ups on tv it does look somewhat familiar and I do have some real doubts that they would have gone to all the effort of making it just for a few seconds of screen time,anyway heres another new one for the new year.

    3. Cheers Tim, another film I own and have watched countless times and yet still failed to blog about before now! Interestingly, google imaging the film, I think I've spotted something else of relevance although I need some better images to be sure.

      Thanks for the help as ever