Monday, 2 January 2017

Infinity One - Cover art by Jim Steranko

Obviously Steranko is all kinds of genius but a Steranko spacesuit is a thing of beauty.  Click on this to see it in all its glory.  Then go search the internet for some of the finest comic covers you will ever see.

Happy New Year, people


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  1. Speaking of cover art heres a skulls in space cover from issue #2 of the Forever War comic adaption
    and heres the covers to #1,3
    I`ve also had a look at Passengers,its not that bad actually tho it does have at least one rather large glaringly obvious plot hole thats big enough to fly a starliner thru...but apart from that it was alright.
    Another film that looks interesting and has a spacesuit in it is Hidden Figures,its about the black women who worked as human computers" double checking the figures of the electronic ibm computers for john glenns space flight.