Friday, 1 January 2016

Space 1999 Iced Lolly TV Advert - (1976)

Lets start 2016 with something impressively obscure
Which is from the TV advert for the Lyons Maid Space 1999 iced lolly.  Art by Frank Bellamy, apparently.  Go here;

for this and much more.  I'm not sure I ever had one of these but I do remember the Dalek Lollies featured further down the page.

Happy New Year to you



  1. I`ve just realised you`re missing the 1980 soviet film Orions Loop/Petlya Oriona
    You can find the film here with the spacesuit scene at 32:21
    And heres some of the pics I found

    1. And on a related note,no pun intended,the japanese screening of series one of Space 1999 had its own japanese theme music which is well...listen for yourself
      They did the same thing for the series 2 theme which unlike their season 1 effort I happen to really like,they`ve kept the basic theme but jazzed it up and stretched it out and I think it sounds great.

    2. Superb find. season one, to my ears awful but I'm intrigued by what the lyrics might be. I want to believe its; Space, Space 1999 Spaaaace 1999, Space 19nnnn99, Space.... and then repeat :) Season 2 I quite like as well but it goes on a bit.

    3. I also found this,its an alternate theme for series two and it literally sounds like the theme to a 70s cop show,listening to this makes me very glad they went for the one they finally did
      Theres also these 16 very rare audio of lost/deleted scenes or scenes with an alternate script,now if only they had the video to go with them,but even so these are incredibly rare artifacts from all the way back in 1973
      And theres also this a vid about the space 1999 suit by a guy who actually owns one