Sunday, 24 January 2016

Alien (1979)

A fantastic picture showing the alternative spacesuits from the 1979 Classic.  My guess is Scott kept moving the same ones around from set to set to maintain the cluttered functional aesthetic of the Nostromo.  We've looked at them before in pictures like the one below but some pictures are worth showing more than once and this times it's in Black and White so that must make it art!



  1. Found a nice looking cover for an up and coming comic

    1. found a nice alien poster
      also check out this,it was made for a planned but unfilmed scene

    2. Nice poster. Official or fan made?
      fantastic website, saved that to favourites for a proper explore

    3. I suspect it could be fan made but it certainly looks good,I`ve stumbled across another movie poster that looks good,now if only the monster in the movie had looked as menacing as the one in the poster