Sunday, 19 July 2015

Starship (1984)

Every now and then I'll show you something that isn't a spacesuit but usually only because the costume has been a spacesuit in some previous life.  On this occasion I think this little fellow is pretending to be a robot, although somehow he comes more like Brick from The Middle than Twiki
Anyway, it's another appearance of one of those ventilation suits that we were looking at last month and a big thank you to Tim for finding me yet another buried treasure.

Cheers mate,



  1. I think this movie is the first real regret that I bought it. A local thrift store had this on VHS some 20 years ago. The box got me and I was surprised that it hung around for a week. The movie itself is pretty bad.

    1. The amount of utter dross I rented just because of a lovely painted box art runs at about 75% of my video consumption back in the day. I invented the rule that if they couldn't find one good photo image from the film to put on the cover then I wouldn't rent it. It wasn't a fool proof plan but it certainly evened things up