Sunday, 13 April 2014

Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn (1958) and covers gallery

This is the Ballantine/Del Rey Books 1984 edition with cover art by Darrell K Sweet.  I've deleted the original post which featured this artwork but big thanks to Britt Reid for identifying the piece and leading me to the whole series and turning one post into six.



  1. I read this very books with the very covers! Brings back warm childhood memories of beginning my journey with Issac Asimov's writings. It is interesting to me how the cover of a book become so personal to your experience with the book. I simply will not buy any other copy of several Isaac Asimov book with the art of Michael Whelan on it! Nice catch on this on! Thanks for the memories!

    1. Agreed. With certain books, if it's not the right cover it might as well be the wrong book.