Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Innes Book of Records (1979)

From the opening credits of the first series of The Innes book of Records.  Neil Innes deserves to be looked up, as does his music and the various TV shows he was involved with.  For those of us that watched this particular show back in the day it was something of a secret treat even then.  Cult the moment it aired and little better known all these years later.  A very original talent the likes of which we seem not to get anymore.  Anyway, back to the spacesuits.

This is the same helmet as used in the 1977 Dr Who story; The Invisible Enemy.  It is most probably also the same helmet worn by the dead pilot in 1983 story; Terminus


  1. Neil Inness is amazing! I was just listening to The Bonzo Dog Band's "The Doughnut in Granny's Greenhouse" this morning and joked to my wife that I probably listen to more Bonzo, Innes and Viv Stanshall than anyone else in the U.S. One of the absolutely amazing things about Neil is his uncanny ability to encapsulate entire musical movements and genres into single tracks--often anticipating new musical styles by several years. Aside from all that he's simply a stellar chap--I emailed his website once with a question and he got back to me personally! How many musicians would do that?

    1. Thanks Brad, further endorsement as to the genius of Innes and the all round good-egg’idness (!) of the man