Saturday, 20 July 2013

Y: The Last Man #15 (2003)

A rather lovely bit of cover art by J G Jones adorned issue 15 of the Vertigo Comic series.  Y: The Last Man.  Working in a comic book store back then, I managed to read a lot of these but changed jobs before finding out how the series wrapped up.  I actually can't remember too much about the series apart from it being the tale of a man and his monkey walking through America to get to his girlfriend after some event has seemingly killed off every other man on the planet.
Its available in graphic novel form for those that fancy a read.  I can remember how this astronaut fits into the story but not his fate - although the art work would suggests an ominous ending!  I may well revisit the series myself at some point.  Did anybody make it to the end of the series?  Is it worth the investment?  Feel free to give it a thumbs up or down in the comments below.



  1. Utterly brilliant, one of my favourite DC Vertigo series.

  2. Thanks for that T. I feel an amazon purchase coming on.
    My big Vertigo love was Invisibles but I did most of Sandman, Preacher and Transmetropolitan, and I stuck with Hellblazer to its end. But there are so many excellent one-shots and mini-series that its hard to remember them all with out a trip up the loft.

    What else did you read?

  3. Cheers matey!

    Well according to my long boxes (of which I have *many* in the attic), in no particular order:

    V for Vendetta (although it was originally published by Warrior, it was picked up and completed by DC)


    Y The Last Man (words cannot describe how much I love the story)

    Hellblazer (my wife got addicted and tracked down all the graphic novels as she adores JC)

    The Invisibles


    Swamp Thing


    Was the graphic novel of Arkham Asylum published under the Vertigo imprint?

    Even though the "Elseworlds" series were not Vertigo, they captured the ethos of the imprint perfectly.

  4. How did the other half feel about the end of Hellblazer? As much as I generally like Milligan as a writer of some wit and style I thought he crashed Hellblazer into the ground. By the time they decided to end it, it didn't hurt half as much as it should have. To remind myself of how good it could be I've dug out and am working through the Paul Jenkins & Sean Phillips run. My favourite writer/artist combo, which sadly remains ungraphic novel'd, I think.

  5. Linda's catching up with the graphic novels as opposed to the monthly copies (works out cheaper!) but I have heard mediocre things about the final books but there were some gems out there to be had.

    I love Jenkins and Phillips are writer/artist so I will keep an eye :)