Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Saturn 3 Gallery (1980) part 2

With 3517 page views so far, my first Saturn 3 gallery has at least a third more hits than any other single post for any other film featuring spacesuits.
That's kind of weird because I could probably prove for a fact that Saturn 3 is not a clear third more interesting than any other sci-fi film ever made.
Nor for that matter are the spacesuits in it a 3rd more interesting than any other spacesuits seen on the backs of other actors in other films.
As such I invite comments from anyone who might have an inkling as to why this post should prove to be so popular.
It's a bit of a mystery
One that me and Alex here intend to get to the bottom of.
... but not right now.
It's almost midnight here in Blighty, so its time for all good boys to go to bed.
You lot however should be ashamed of yourselves.
Dirty boys, you're giving the Internet a bad name.


  1. Mmmm -- tough one this, I'm thinking the spell binding special effects? Maybe the intriguing narrative that holds you on the edge of your seat? The dazzling performance of the planks -- uh I mean cast? Or I suppose there just a chance it could be chance of catching a glimpse of Farrah in her jim jams.