Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Gigantes Planetarios (1967)

Aka Planetary Giants. And made in Mexico, apparently.  Beyond that I know not of this film.  I've never seen it, not even in my distant youth.  It was brought to my attention by blog follower; Nikk Niknod who sighted it as an example of one of those films that features the Men into Space helmets.  Thanks Nikk, spot on I'd say.  If anyone would like to add a little review of the film to the comments below I would be chuffed and we'd all be a little wiser.

On a slightly related note, Nikk also suggests another appearance of these helmets in an episode of Sea Hunt, a TV show from 1961 for which I also remain equally ignorant.  It either didn't make it across the pond or else we hadn't invented television in England back then.  Not being even a twinkle in me pater's optics at the time I shall rely on others to confirm any details relating to this.  And if you can point me towards a good image from said episode. (Astronetts / Aquanetts ?) I'll post it up for all to see.


  1. A bit of research reveals that this director, Alfredo B. Crevenna made another SF movie at about the same time called "Planeta de las mujeres invasoras" (Planet of the Women Invaders) and there's at least one pic online featuring one of these helmets in that film as well. According to imdb this guy made 151 movies! There's a very entertaing synopsis of "Planetary Giants" here: http://classicscifi.blogspot.com/2011/03/planetary-giants.html?m=1

  2. many thanks. Really appreciate these finds, Brad. I've turned that info into a post, one I most probably wouldn't have done without you help.

  3. The spacesuits in this look like dead ringers for the flight suit gil gerard wears in the buck rogers pilot

  4. Crickey Blimey! Well spotted. And if you follow the "Men into Space Helmets" thread we can see the same suit that Buck will wear reused over and over. Its those very distinctive straps. This has to be becoming one of the most recycled of space suits. Thanks for that, Tim, i'll blog it asap.

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  6. Glad to be of help,it was those straps that got me,its amazing how much of this stuff was recycled on both sides of the atlantic,but then again before the big sf movie boom of the 70s there might only have been a limited stock of these sorts of props out there and it was probably a lot cheaper to rent than to build from scratch.Since you seem to have a liking for the 2001 space suit I`m surprised that you`ve never featured the 1977 japanese film The War In Space,the helmets in that could be the bigger brothers of the 2001 suits,also theres the spacesuit from the japanese/uk puppet show starfleet,anyway its a great site you`ve got and I`m glad I stumbled across it

  7. Cheers. I've actually been building up some images for War in Space with the intention of a future blog. I've a file with quite a bit of pending stuff yet to be blogged. Star Fleet is not in there so thats a good one for me to go looking for. Quite a cool little show if I remember rightly.
    Thanks for finding me and always open to suggestions and tips

  8. I found a couple of pics of the helmet from the Seahunt aquanettes episode

  9. Yeah, I saw those. I was aware of the episode but hadn't seen any pictures. That chaps flicker account was very inspirational for as yet unblogged Film and TV appearances. Also reckon this blog 'inspired' some of his choices. A good find