Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Behind the Scenes - A gallery

Well known films and TV shows.  Well known spacesuits.  Rare images from behind the camera.

I know I've blogged this last one before but its just too good not to include here.


  1. Funny to see Ridley's kids in those spacesuits!

  2. Those are some awesome photos,especially the ones of ridley scotts kids,the ones of the guys in the ufo alien suits are great as well.The ufo alien suit was always a favorite of mine in both its incarnations.I also found this it has some good looking suits in it
    This ones a laugh
    and this from the dreadful italian War of the robots

  3. It outcools most kids pictures of their childhood, does it not.

    Cheers Tim, Apart from a single CFF film, I'n not sure that the alien suits were ever seen again. which is a shame...unless anyone knows different.
    Battle in out of space is in the file and pending. Beach-nut Chewing gum (1958) has been covered already and War of the robots is also pending but that link takes me through to a better image than what Ive got. cheers steve

  4. Million Monkey Theater is a fun site for folks of our ilk with lots of great movie synopses (including some serious b-movie rarities). I hadn't been on there for some time but the link in Tim's comment reminded me how cool it is. :)

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  6. Heres a great thread I found,its a comparison between the 2001 suits and several others including the war in space and the IBM codernauts,it also has some great close-ups on parts of the 2001 suit
    Another one that bears a passing resemblance to the 2001 suit is in william mallones titan find/creature from 1985
    And when I saw this one I had to post it

  7. Great links--especially the crisp and detailed 2001 suit shot. To me the 2001 suits are the greatest fictional spacesuit ever. Some suits look great but would never be practical in a real world sense, some look functional but elicit a yawn from a design standpoint. The 2001 suits are the perfect balance of form and function. On an unrelated note I figured out why my comments keep double posting, so you won't have to delete my duplicates anymore, Steve! :)

  8. War in Space, IBM, Titan Find and Flight to Mars, all have images pending in the files. I've been holding off posting while waiting for either more or better images. I have been on that sight and is is rather good.

    It was no trouble, Brad. I figured there was a gremlin in there somewhere. It didn't bother me enough to comment but happy you got it sorted

  9. Heres another interesting link,I cant say I`ve heard of the movie tho`
    and another one,if you really want a piece of the movie this is for you

  10. Hi there,

    This is a somewhat awkward post.
    I just ran across your site and am very much enjoying your archives. I've always thought the space suits in old movies are pretty neat.

    Now to the awkward bit:
    At the risk of sounding like a spammer, there *is* something you might be interested in. I've found 12 inch dolls...errr... action figures of all four variants of the 2001, space suits for sale.
    I don't know if this will let me post a link, but monstersinmotion dot com has them.

    I'd consider buying one myself as a drawing model (I draw a science fiction comic online.) But, at $550, that's way way out of line.

    Anyway, keep up the good work! I'll be reading your site looking for space suit inspirations.


    Scott Kellogg

  11. Lovely stuff but way too rich for my blood.
    Thanks for the pointer though, window shopping is cool to.