Friday, 22 June 2012

Untitled - Angus Mckie (1978)

Another fine example of a skull in a space suit but who's the artist, what year is it from and what book covers was it used on.  I'll update and file it away with corrected labels just as soon as.
I've got a feeling I'm going to kick myself over this one when the answers come in.

News just in.  The artist is Angus Mckie, the piece is untitled but has appeared in a number of places, see Mr Primate's comments below - (Many Thanks, Sir) and also, which is probably where I know it from; Paper Tiger's; The flight of Icarus.
And the cover of an issue of White Dwarf.
And on this Sci-Fi anthology
And a version of it appears here, as well, as the DVD cover and previously the video cover, for Def-Con 4.  But is this Angus Mckie or just a rip-off homage.  Thank you Ash Kalb for the find.
And the French hard back edition of Dune (thanks Filou)



  1. I don't know the title of the painting but i is by Angus McKie and shown on p14-15 in the Terran Trade Authority Handbook "Spacewreck: Ghostships and Derelicts of Space" by Stewart Cowley.

    1. Many thanks... Love your profile picture.

  2. Thanks, I made it myself with sticky tape and glue :)

    I'd completely forgotten McKie's image also turns up in The Flights Of Icarus and happens to be labelled "Untitled" to boot.

    I've long had a thing about skeletons in space suits. When they turned up as a new Dr Who monster a few years back I was beside meself with glee! I suppose its down to those old Hamlyn Terran Trade Authority (TAT) books and a certain Citadel Miniature ( Formative stuff. Still got him in a drawer somewhere...

    Do you have the TAT book Great Space Battles? One of my favourite space suit designs is in there:

    Loving the blog btw. A great place to revisit a subject that I'd quite forgotten how much I loved.

    1. Hi,
      I was the same with New Who's Vashat Narada(or something like that)I don't think I've bloged them yet although the pictures are in the file waiting to go.

      I don't own any of the Terran books although I'm aware of them. Unfortunately I can't track that link through to the right picture. Who was the artist and I'll track it down that way.

      Glad you're enjoying the blog, I'm doing it because its exactley the kind of place I'ld want to visit myself

  3. Vashta Nerada yes that was the chaps with the skeletons in spacesuits in Dr Who. I couldn't remember their names.

    The artwork I mentioned was by Peter Elson called Prime Number. I found a better link on the artists' website: (

    You can pick up the TTA books pretty easily if you want to, usually not too expensive either. Plenty of the images are on-line already naturally and have been inspiring digital artists for years. Check this out for example:

    1. What an amazing video. Although I don't own the TTA books I know the images from Paper Tiger books and other sci-fi art anthologies from back in the day. To see those half remembered ships come to life and move - like I used to imagine them as a kid - was a little emotional wow moment. Thanks for the link

      I'll post that Elison image soon (another example of something I was familiar with but have since forgotten)

      And I'll check my local oxfam and 2nd hand book stores for cheap copies of TTA books - I'm sure I've seen them in there from time to time.

  4. It's used as the vhs box cover of the awful 1985 post apocalyptic film Def-Con 4 as well.

  5. So it is, or a version of it. Is it by Mr Mckie, the original artist, going over his own work or someone else paying tribute? Were royalties paid, mmmm! I've updated the image to the blog, Nice find Ash and thanks.

  6. Hi, this pic was also used as cover for the book, "Dune" :

    I used this link found on google but I have this book in my shelf.. :)

    1. Many thanks, I'll update the post