Friday, 22 June 2012

Moonraker (1979) Space battle

As promised, here's the space battle from Moonraker.  Loads of goodguys and badguys Star-Wars'ing it up at a time when that seemed like a good idea.




  1. I first saw that movie when I was a kid. At that time, I wanted to become an astronaut just because of that scene.

    But now, when I watch it again, and I do the body count, I realize how much this battle was a real carnage. We can presume all of the yellow suited guys died. Most of the Americans astronauts share the same faith in the open space. The rare survivors are shot when they step-in the space station's entrance.

    Personally, I love the bad guys suit better that the American one.

    1. Interesting point about the body counts in films and how we notice them more the older you get. They bother me more with each tip toe I take towards my own termination, too. Poetic alliteration aside, its probably a good thing, empathy and maturity and all that.
      thanks for the comments

  2. Would have loved to been in one of those suits protecting either the world as a space marine or the nut Drax. I use to own one of the Drax suits but had to sell it hold my house for another few months. This was one of the first true space-battles I ever saw on screen. It didn't matter where you got hit one hit was a kill shot just how long you had depended on where you were hit. The end there is a Drax guy that is hit and spinning towards the sun imagine stuck in your suit like a coffin flying away from any help you might get and going towards the sun. Yes you are right the yellow suits all die.