Sunday, 25 March 2012

Dangerous Visions 1 (1974)

Dangerous Visions 1 was a groundbreaking collection of short stories when published and is still very well respected now.
And what an absolute gem of a cover by Fred Gambino.  Definite shades of Kubrick's 2001, like quite a few book covers throughout the early 70's.

And here's the artwork in its purest form.
I'm going to put Fred Gambino in the labels because he's done quite a few spacesuits over the years and we are most assuredly going to be back round this way again.



  1. Very nice! I like all the little details like the cable attached to the handgun and the spooling bits on the aerial and left shoulder.

    Never heard of Dangerous Visions 1; might have to keep an eye out for it. I like shorts.

  2. Picture also used in the sci-fi book Star Quest from 1979.

    Picture captioned as - "The legendary Commander Mor Mikiss, one of the most experienced and respected operational officers in the Security Service was the natural choice as leader of the unique team."


    1. Great pictures like this tend to do the rounds. Where possible I try to date them to as early as possible because it gives us a better idea of how design/culture changes over the years.

      If ever anyone can date a picture earlier than I have then let me know and I'll update the blog accordingly.

      Thanks for the comments fgf and the link to the blog. That is an amazing blog over at ski-ffy